Spring Training Tips

Are You Ready for Spring Training?  Whether you are training for a half marathon, the upcoming golf season, a summer full of tennis, or cycling your way along endless paths, it’s time to ask yourself – “Am I doing everything I can to stay injury free this season?” Here’s 3 Expert Tips to Spring into Fitness.

 Recovery is Vital
feet resting.jpg
When you start a training program your initial focus tends to be on adding mileage and/or practice time to your week.  The initiation of a training program leads to breakdown of the tissue being most stressed, which theoretically should result in the regrowth of stronger and more powerful muscles.  You must take days off during the week in order for this process to occur.  Your bodies’ recovery cycle relies on days off and the healing power of sleep in order to make positive adaptations to exercise.

The Foam Roller is Your Friend
foam roll.jpg
With a foam roller, you can be your own massage therapist. Get creative with how you adjust your body on the roller to hit all of the muscles that feel overworked, and make sure to breathe and hold on the noticeably tight areas.  Stay away from rolling directly over your low back, neck, and knee caps and be sure to ask a trainer for help if you have any questionable areas.


Pushing Weight Adds Power
overhead squat.jpg
With the increase in repetitive motion, joints and tendons can suffer if muscles are not strong enough to put up with an increase in activity.  By adding strength training to your weekly regiment – especially single leg lower body work – your muscles become conditioned in more than one way, and automatically support the joints from impact.  This structural change to the tensility of your muscle adds power to your stride, pedal stroke, and swing.

For more information on how to get ready for spring training contact Lexy at lexy.rose@stretch.works.


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