5 Tips To Be Race Ready

If you are embarking on training for a race this season make sure to include these 5 things to improve your speed, power, and recovery.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It turns out that HIIT training is one of the most effective and time efficient ways to optimize your cardiovascular conditioning, with boosts to your heart rate and power output immediately followed by active recovery.  Interval training can also provide your legs with energy for speed surges during your race, in an effort to improve your time.  The most important thing to remember: make sure to fully recover between every interval.  Your intervals are strong only if you are making sure to regain energy and allowing your heart rate to decrease before your next push.

Diversify your mileage

Make sure to not always train on the same machine or route.  Our bodies are adept at conserving energy which means that if you are always running or riding the same route, your body has adapted to do it using less effort.  In order to keep your body guessing and improving upon your endurance and strength, get some hills into your mix and change up the scenery.  Your brain will thank you too!

Strength training

Muscle cells are not created equal, and by only focusing on mileage you are missing out on developing powerful muscle fibers.  Do your mat and machine work and you will feel a difference in the support to your joints.  You will also be doing the homework that keeps overuse injuries at bay.

Balance is crucial

Single leg balance work diversifies the stimulus to your program, and keeps your stabilizing muscles awake and active.  Find opportunities in your day to stand on one foot – brushing your teeth, standing in line at the store, or when you take your mid-day movement break at work.

Crosstrain when possible

On the days that you are doing light cardio, try to jump on a piece of equipment (or better yet, the pool!) that you don’t usually use.  Minimize breakdown to the same tissue and joints by changing up your repetitive movement patterns.

If you have any questions or interest in more information on keeping your program fresh, email me at lexyrose84@gmail.com.

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