Before You Bench

Its Monday morning, you’ve been sitting at your desk for a few hours firing off emails and phone calls,  and now you’re coming into the gym to get down to work bench pressing.  For the sake of preserving your rotator cuffs, put down the barbell and pick-up the foam roller or yoga strap!  All too often we come into the gym to jump into a hard workout without having made sure that our joints and limbs are ready to move, and aren’t still stuck in “computer hunch mode”.  I love seeing people do arm circles before sitting down to the bench because guess what, it helps!  Even just a few easy arm circles gets your tissues more warm and ready then jumping into lifting a heavy load with cold and stiff muscles.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to give yourself a dynamic warm-up, making you more effective at recruiting your chest safely and not putting excessive strain on the rotator cuffs and shoulder joint. Spend 5-7 minutes going through 3 to 4 movements lying on the foam roller, standing, or using a yoga strap to open up your chest and arm pits.  For more information email me at and I can provide you a few dynamic warm-up movements specific to your body, previous injuries, and workout goals.

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