Hips, Knees, and Skis, Oh My!

How Hips Support Knees

You know that old campy song “the hip bones connected to the knee bone?”  Turns out there is some value to the thought process that one area of the body is directly related to that of another, and the hips and knees are a perfect example.  When we think of improving the strength of our legs for the sake of maintaining our knee health, focusing on our glutes is imperative.  The hip musculature is vital in directing the motion and stability of the knee so that they don’t constantly collapse in towards each other.  When the knees collapse in, this is a good sign that our glutes are not engaging, and that the ACL within the knee is unwound to be at a more slackened, unsupported, and vulnerable position.

Now Picture Your Knees on the Slopes

You’re riding those moguls with a few inches of fresh powder at your feet, and not a worry, or a glute exercise, in your mind.  You catch a turn off balance and with both knees collapsed in, your skis stay planted and your body falls the opposite direction.  The next thing you know, you’re being sledded to the base of the mountain and destined for ACL repair surgery.

Rolling and Strengthening the Glutes

In an effort to prevent the scenario above, our glutes need to be rolled out in order for strength work to be most effective.  Because we sit for more than half of our lives (!!!!!!) using foam rollers or balls on trigger points in our glutes will help to wake them up, thereby preparing them for the dreaded single leg bridge or other favorite hip strengtheners.  To learn more about waking your hips email me at lexyrose84@gmail.com and let me help you build glutes of steel!

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