Who is StretchWorks for?

The StretchWorks practice can provide benefit to just about everyone including:

  • Everyday gym users
  • Endurance cardio practitioners and athletes (aka “cardio junkies”)
  • Weightlifters who don’t make time to do their stretching
  • People who sit at their jobs 5 days a week
  • People suffering from pain in their:
    • low-back
    • knees
    • IT bands
    • shoulders
    • neck
    • or anywhere else for that matter
  • Conditions such as:
    • arthritis
    • plantar fasciitis
    • piriformis syndrome
    • pre and post surgery
    • spinal degeneration and misallignment
    • over-training


What Can StretchWorks Do For You?

StretchWorks clients report a reduction in chronic pain, and increases to joint range of motion as well as benefits to muscular function, power, and performance.   The communication between our brain and body becomes more efficient when the full length of muscles and fascia are restored.

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