Private Sessions

60 Minute Personal Training Session $100

Exercise sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and goals, and will include a combination of corrective exercises, Pilates based core-work, balance control, and traditional strength training.

60 Minute Injury Strategy Session $100

Injury strategy sessions can be an effective way to problem-solve nagging pain, or to pro-actively prevent overuse injuries from occurring. Your session will begin with an assessment of your static and moving posture, an abbreviated fascial stretch, and a series myo-fascial rolling techniques, stretches, and prescriptive exercises that will comprise your home program. This personalized program will be specific to your previous injuries, current training routine, pain, and limitations, as well as subsequent muscular imbalances.

60 Minute Virtual Exercise and Mobility Programming $90

If you are a driven home-exerciser this is the option for you!  Based on your exercise goals, self assessment, and postural assessment, you will be lead through a fresh program that is complimentary to your current routine.  Your new programming will be catered to your individual needs, and focused on the areas of your workouts that need the most attention — i.e. mobility, Pilates core-work, or just more challenging strength training.  After you are led through your new program you will receive a PDF copy of the routine.  Monthly or bi-monthly programming sessions are a great way to continue to progress with your home-exercise routine, and to challenge your body and mind.

Group Training

The options for these classes range from Pilates mat, yoga-type movement flows, or more traditional circuit strength training.  This is a perfect opportunity to connect and motivate with your friends.  Please inquire for pricing based on the location and number of exercisers.


Stretchworks requires 24-hours notice of a cancellation before the scheduled session.   StretchWorks and Alexandra Rose reserve the right to charge the full session price for late cancellations or missed appointments. Rescheduled appointments with less than 24-hour notice must be rescheduled for the same day, if there is an open session available, in order to save that session. This policy provides Alexandra Rose protection as an independent contractor, as well as the client accountability to follow through with their scheduled sessions.

For more information please email