Virtual Class Schedule

Class Schedule

*all class times are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

*payment forms accepted are Venmo, Zelle, and Square (preferred for larger packages)

*if you would like a weekly class email sent to you please contact


Monday 10-10:45 am — Movement Flow Monday — $18 — Sign Up Here 

Tuesday 3-3:30 pm — Tension Release Tuesday —  $16 — Sign Up Here

Friday 9-9:45 am — Core Burn — $18 — Sign Up Here


Class Descriptions

Movement Flow Monday (Virtual Class) 

Energize and tone your body with this yoga-inspired flow.  You will gain strength, balance, lean muscle, and a sense of calm throughout this 45 minute class.

Tension Release Tuesday (Virtual Class)

Using balls, rollers, belts, and breath work we will release areas of muscular tension and restore healthful length to those muscles and fascia.  This class is only 30 minutes long, the perfect movement opportunity for a day spent in front of the computer.

Strong & Long Circuit Wednesday (Virtual Class)

This is a high intensity total body workout.  We will be moving through a series of exercises and short bursts of cardio, while using small home and exercise equipment (have your soup cans, jugs of water, and heavy books ready!).  This class aims to strengthen and tone lean muscles and maximize your daily calorie burn in just 45 minutes.

Core Burn Friday (Virtual Class)

Challenging all of the muscles between the shoulders and the hips, this class focuses on bringing strength, awareness, and a toned physique to your core.  Get out your mat and get ready to engage muscles in a new and challenging way.  The work done in this class will help bring understanding to how best to use your core throughout other classes and everyday life.  Your core is guaranteed to be burning after 45 minutes! 

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Stretchworks requires 24-hours notice of a cancellation before the scheduled session.   StretchWorks and Alexandra Rose reserve the right to charge the full session price for late cancellations or missed appointments. Rescheduled appointments with less than 24-hour notice must be rescheduled for the same day, if there is an open session available, in order to save that session. This policy provides Alexandra Rose protection as an independent contractor, as well as the client accountability to follow through with their scheduled sessions.