What is StretchWorks?

StretchWorks provides a form of body work called Fascial Stretch Therapy.  A Fascial Stretch Therapy Session takes place on a massage table, with the practitioner taking the body through a series of sweeping movements and breath cues, increasing range of motion through the entire musculo-skeletal system.  When the full length of our muscles and fascia is restored, the line of communication between our brain and our body is more efficient.  This holistic practice provides an individual with a decrease in nagging pain, and an increase in functionality, power, and performance with the restoration of healthy movement patterns.


What is the StretchWorks Experience?

Every individual has a unique anatomy that is influenced by their daily life, former injuries, and genetic make-up.  This is why the StretchWorks experience is customized and different not only from client to client, but also from day to day based on what a single body is currently enduring and physically reflecting.  Your session will include:

postural assessment standing, moving, and lying down

roller or ball release to a targeted area of need

Fascial Stretch Therapy

re-education of the nervous system through exercise or specific muscle activation (PNF)

This is not a passive treatment and requires that the client physically interact with the practitioner. While some sessions may be predominately spent on the table, the nervous system is best conditioned when exercise with pointed queuing and instruction is performed immediately following release work.  Please ask for more information on core based strength training if your current routine is lacking this vital physical health

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